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MCU Box Office by Film

The next list presents the updated Marvel Cinematic Universe films Box Office performance. Runtime is the duration of the movie. Box Office refers to the gross value achieved at the box office. Box Office per Minute is found by dividing the Box Office by every minute of film.

Box Office
Box Office
per Minute
1Iron Man2:06:00$585,174,222$4,644,240
2The Incredible Hulk1:52:00$263,427,551$2,352,032
3Iron Man 22:05:00$623,933,331$4,991,467
5Captain America: The First Avenger2:04:00$370,569,774$2,988,466
6Marvel's The Avengers2:23:00$1,518,812,988$10,621,070
7Iron Man 32:11:00$1,214,811,252$9,273,368
8Thor: The Dark World1:52:00$644,571,402$5,755,102
9Captain America: The Winter Soldier2:16:00$714,264,267$5,251,943
10Guardians of the Galaxy2:02:00$773,328,629$6,338,759
11Avengers: Age of Ultron2:21:00$1,405,403,694$9,967,402
13Captain America: Civil War2:27:00$1,153,304,495$7,845,609
14Doctor Strange1:55:00$677,718,395$5,893,203
15Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 22:17:00$863,756,051$6,304,789
16Spider-Man: Homecoming2:13:00$880,166,924$6,617,796
17Thor: Ragnarok2:10:00$853,977,126$6,569,055
18Black Panther2:14:00$1,346,913,161$10,051,591
19Avengers: Infinity War2:40:00$2,048,359,754$12,802,248
20Ant-Man and the Wasp2:05:00$622,674,139$4,981,393
21Captain Marvel2:05:00$1,128,274,794$9,026,198
22Avengers: Endgame3:02:00$2,795,517,852$15,359,988
23Spider-Man: Far From Home2:09:00$1,097,897,826$8,510,836

MCU Box Office by Year

MCU Box Office by Phase

MCU Box Office by Director

Box Office
Jon Favreau$1,209,107,553
Louis Leterrier$263,427,551
Kenneth Branagh$449,326,618
Joe Johnston$370,569,774
Joss Whedon$2,924,216,682
Shane Black$1,214,811,252
Alan Taylor$644,571,402
Anthony Russo$6,711,446,368
James Gunn$1,637,084,680
Peyton Reed$1,141,986,104
Scott Derrickson$677,718,395
Jon Watts$1,978,064,750
Taika Waititi$853,977,126
Ryan Coogler$1,346,913,161
Anna Boden$1,128,274,794
Joe Russo$6,711,446,368
Ryan Fleck$1,128,274,794

MCU Box Office by Screenwriter

Box Office
Mark Fergus$585,174,222
Zak Penn$263,427,551
Justin Theroux$623,933,331
Ashley Edward Miller$449,326,618
Christopher Markus$7,726,587,544
Joss Whedon$2,924,216,682
Drew Pearce$1,214,811,252
Christopher L. Yost$1,498,548,528
James Gunn$1,637,084,680
Edgar Wright$519,311,965
Jon Spaihts$677,718,395
Jonathan Goldstein$880,166,924
Eric Pearson$853,977,126
Ryan Coogler$1,346,913,161
Chris McKenna$2,600,738,889
Anna Boden$1,128,274,794
Hawk Ostby$585,174,222
Zack Stentz$449,326,618
Stephen McFeely$7,726,587,544
Shane Black$1,214,811,252
Nicole Perlman$773,328,629
Joe Cornish$519,311,965
Scott Derrickson$677,718,395
John Francis Daley$880,166,924
Craig Kyle$853,977,126
Joe Robert Cole$1,346,913,161
Erik Sommers$2,600,738,889
Ryan Fleck$1,128,274,794
Art Marcum$585,174,222
Don Payne$449,326,618
Adam McKay$519,311,965
C. Robert Cargill$677,718,395
Jon Watts$880,166,924
Paul Rudd$1,141,986,104
Geneva Robertson-Dworet$1,128,274,794
Matt Holloway$585,174,222
Christopher Ford$880,166,924
Andrew Barrer$622,674,139
Gabriel Ferrari$622,674,139

MCU Box Office by Producer

Box Office
Avi Arad$848,601,773
Kevin Feige$22,551,496,210
Gale Anne Hurd$263,427,551
Amy Pascal$1,978,064,750
Stephen Broussard$622,674,139

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