One Piece Weekly Schedule for 2019

We present the One Piece chapter release schedule prediction for 2019. The Weekly Shōnen Jump’s release dates have already been officially announced by the end of March, so it is now possible to predict their breaks in the rest of the year.

Eiichiro Oda breaks were predicted based in previous years. The Author usually takes a break for every four chapters released, but this pattern changes depending on the magazine breaks. This table will be updated whenever there is new official information.

One Piece Chapter Release Schedule for 2019
Leak Date
WSJ issue
Oficial WSJ Release Date
Week 01929December 28, 20186 | 7January 7, 2019
Week 02WSJ Break
Week 03930January 18, 20198January 21, 2019
Week 04Oda Break9January 28, 2019
Week 05931February 1, 201910February 4, 2019
Week 06932February 8, 201911February 9, 2019
Week 07933February 15, 201912February 18, 2019
Week 08934February 22, 201913February 25, 2019
Week 09Oda Break14March 4, 2019
Week 10935March 8, 201915March 11, 2019
Week 11936March 15, 201916March 18, 2019
Week 12937March 22, 201917March 25, 2019
Week 13938March 29, 201918unknown
Week 14Oda Break19unknown
Week 15939April 12, 201920unknown
Week 16940April 19, 201921unknown
Week 17941April 26, 201922 | 23unknown
Week 18WSJ Break
Week 19942May 10, 201924unknown
Week 20Oda Break25unknown
Week 21943May 24, 201926unknown
Week 22944May 31, 201927unknown
Week 23945June 7, 201928unknown
Week 24946June 14, 201929unknown
Week 25Oda Break30unknown
Week 26947June 28, 201931unknown
Week 27948July 5, 201932unknown
Week 28949July 12, 201933unknown
Week 29950July 19, 201934unknown
Week 30Oda Break35unknown
Week 31951August 2, 201936unknown
Week 32952August 9, 201937 | 38unknown
Week 33WSJ Break
Week 34953August 23, 201939unknown
Week 35954August 30, 201940unknown
Week 36Oda Break41unknown
Week 37955September 13, 201942unknown
Week 38956September 20, 201943unknown
Week 39957September 27, 201944unknown
Week 40958October 4, 201945unknown
Week 41Oda Break46unknown
Week 42959October 18, 201947unknown
Week 43960October 25, 201948unknown
Week 44961November 1, 201949unknown
Week 45962November 8, 201950unknown
Week 46Oda Break51unknown
Week 47963November 22, 201952unknown
Week 48964November 29, 20191unknown
Week 49965December 6, 20192unknown
Week 50Oda Break3unknown
Week 51966December 20, 20194 | 5unknown
Week 52WSJ Break

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