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List of One Piece Character Hometowns

AbsalomWest Blue
AisaParadiseSkypieaThe Village Hidden in the Cloud
AladdinGrand LineFishman IslandRyuuguu
AlvidaEast Blue
AndGrand Line
AnjoEast Blue
ArlongGrand LineFishman IslandRyuuguu
AtmosWest Blue
Avalo PizarroNorth Blue
BabeGrand Line
Baby 5North BlueKuen Village
BakkinGrand Line
BananaCrocParadiseSandy Island
BanchinaEast BlueGecko IslandsSyrup Village
Bartholomew KumaSouth BlueSourbe Kingdom
BartolomeoEast Blue
BasGrand Line
BastilleGrand Line
Bell-mèreEast BlueConomi IslandsCocoyasi
Benn BeckmanNorth Blue
BenthamEast Blue
BlamencoSouth Blue
BlenheimGrand Line
BluegillyGrand Line
BluejamEast BlueDawn IslandGoa Kingdom
BluenoNorth Blue
Boa HancockCalm BeltAmazon Lily
Boa MarigoldCalm BeltAmazon Lily
Boa SandersoniaCalm BeltAmazon Lily
Bobby FunkGrand LineMogaro Kingdom
BoodleEast BlueOrgan IslandsOrange Town
BorsalinoNorth Blue
Bourbon Jr.ParadiseSandy IslandAlabasta Kingdom
BrahamParadiseSkypieaThe Village Hidden in the Cloud
BrannewGrand Line
BrogyNew WorldElbaf
BuffaloNorth Blue
BuggyGrand Line
CabajiEast Blue
Caesar ClownGrand Line
CaribouNorth Blue
CarrotNew WorldZouMokomo Dukedom
Catarina DevonSouth Blue
CavendishGrand LineBourgeois Kingdom
Chadros HigelygesGrand Line
ChakaParadiseSandy IslandAlabasta Kingdom
Charlotte LolaNew WorldTotto Land
ChessParadiseDrum IslandDrum Kingdom
ChewGrand LineFishman IslandRyuuguu
ChickenEast BlueDawn IslandFoosha Village
ChiefParadiseSkypieaThe Village Hidden in the Cloud
ChimneyParadiseWater Seven
ChinjaoWest BlueKano Country
ChouchouEast BlueOrgan IslandsOrange Town
CloverWest BlueOhara
CoribouNorth Blue
CowboyParadiseSandy IslandAlabasta Kingdom
CrocodileGrand Line
CrocusGrand Line
CurielWest Blue
Curly DadanEast BlueDawn IslandGoa Kingdom, Mt. Colubo
DaiginWest Blue
DaltonParadiseDrum IslandDrum Kingdom
DarumaGrand LineFishman IslandRyuuguu
Daz BonesWest Blue
DellingerNorth Blue
DenGrand LineFishman IslandRyuuguu
DiamanteNorth Blue
Doc QNorth Blue
DominoGrand Line
Donquixote DoflamingoGrand LineRed LineMary Geoise
Donquixote RosinanteGrand LineRed LineMary Geoise
DorryNew WorldElbaf
DosunGrand LineFishman IslandRyuuguu
Dragon Number ThirteenNew WorldPunk Hazard
DrophyGrand Line
Edward NewgateNew WorldSphinx
Edward WeevilGrand Line
Elizabello IIGrand LineProdence Kingdom
Emporio IvankovParadiseMomoiro IslandKamabakka
Fisher TigerGrand LineFishman IslandRyuuguu
FossaNorth Blue
FoxySouth Blue
FukaboshiGrand LineFishman IslandRyuuguu
FukurouGrand Line
FullbodyNorth Blue
GaimonEast Blue
GaldinoSouth Blue
Gan FallParadiseSkypiea
Gecko MoriaWest Blue
GemSouth Blue
GenboParadiseSkypieaThe Village Hidden in the Cloud
GenzoEast BlueConomi IslandsCocoyasi
GiollaNorth Blue
GiovanniNew WorldZouMokomo Dukedom
GladiusNorth Blue
Gol D. RogerEast BluePolestar IslandsLoguetown
GottiWest Blue
GyoruEast BlueDawn IslandFoosha Village
Hack (Fishmen)Grand LineFishman Island
HajrudinNew WorldElbaf
HannyabalSouth Blue
HarutaSouth Blue
HatchanGrand LineFishman IslandRyuuguu
HeatSouth Blue
HelmeppoEast BlueYotsuba IslandShells Town
HeppokoEast Blue
HeraclesSouth Blue
HigumaEast Blue
Hiking BearParadiseDrum Island
HikoichiParadiseSandy IslandAlabasta Kingdom
HilulukWest Blue
HinaWest Blue
Hody JonesGrand LineFishman IslandRyuuguu
HogbackWest Blue
HyouzouGrand LineFishman IslandRyuuguu
IceburgParadiseWater Seven
IdeamanEast Blue
IdeoGrand Line
IgaramParadiseSandy IslandAlabasta Kingdom
Ikaros MuchGrand LineFishman IslandRyuuguu
InazumaSouth Blue
InuarashiNew WorldZouMokomo Dukedom
IpponmatsuEast BluePolestar IslandsLoguetown
Island EaterParadiseLittle Garden
IsshoGrand Line
Ivan XParadiseSandy IslandAlabasta Kingdom
IzoNew WorldWano Country
JabraNorth Blue
JackGrand Line
Jaguar D. SaulSouth Blue
JerrySouth BlueKarate Island
Jesus BurgessGrand Line
JigoroWest Blue
JinbeGrand LineFishman IslandRyuuguu
JohnnyEast Blue
JozuWest Blue
KakuEast Blue
KalifaGrand Line
KamakiriParadiseSkypieaThe Village Hidden in the Cloud
KaneshiroGrand LineFishman IslandRyuuguu
KanjuroNew WorldWano Country
KarooParadiseSandy IslandAlabasta Kingdom
Kelly FunkGrand LineMogaro Kingdom
KentaurosParadiseSandy IslandAlabasta Kingdom
KervilleGrand Line
Kin'emonNew WorldWano CountryKuri
KingdewGrand Line
KiwiParadiseWater SevenBackstreat
KoalaGrand LineFoolshout Island
KobyEast Blue
KokoroGrand LineFishman Island
KoncelotNew WorldZouMokomo Dukedom
KoushirouEast Blue
KozaParadiseSandy IslandAlabasta
Kozuki MomonosukeNew WorldWano CountryKuri
KuinaEast BlueShimotsuki
KumadoriSouth Blue
KurehaParadiseDrum IslandDrum Kingdom
KuromarimoParadiseDrum IslandDrum Kingdom
KuroobiGrand LineFishman IslandRyuuguu
KuzanSouth Blue
KyrosNew WorldDressrosa
LaboonWest Blue
LaffitteWest Blue
Lao GNorth Blue
LeoGrand LineGreenbitTontatta Kingdom
LinesEast Blue
Little Oars Jr.Grand Line
Lord of the CoastEast Blue
Lucky RooSouth Blue
MachviseNorth Blue
MagellanGrand Line
MakinoEast BlueDawn IslandFoosha Village
MamboshiGrand LineFishman IslandRyuuguu
MansherryGrand LineGreenbitTontatta Kingdom
MarcoGrand Line
MargueriteCalm BeltAmazon Lily
MarianneNorth Blue
Marshall D. TeachGrand Line
MashikakuEast Blue
MasiraNorth Blue
MatsugeParadiseSandy IslandAlabasta
Mikio ItooEast Blue
MikitaWest Blue
Minister of the LeftGrand LineFishman IslandRyuuguu
Minister of the RightGrand LineFishman IslandRyuuguu
Miss FridayGrand Line
Miss MondayGrand Line
MochaNew World
MohjiEast Blue
MomongaGrand Line
MomooGrand Line
MonetNorth Blue
Monkey D. DragonEast BlueDawn IslandGoa Kingdom
Monkey D. GarpEast BlueDawn IslandGoa Kingdom
Monkey D. LuffyEast BlueDawn IslandFoosha Village
MonstarEast Blue
Mont Blanc CricketNorth Blue
MorganEast BlueYotsuba IslandShells Town
MozuParadiseWater SevenBackstreat
Mr. 11Grand Line
Mr. 13Grand Line
Mr. 9Grand Line
NamiEast BlueOykot Kingdom
NamurGrand Line
Nefertari CobraParadiseSandy IslandAlabasta Kingdom
Nefertari ViviParadiseSandy IslandAlabasta Kingdom
NekomamushiNew WorldZouMokomo Dukedom
NeptuneGrand LineFishman IslandRyuuguu
NeroWest Blue
NezumiEast Blue
Nico OlviaWest BlueOhara
Nico RobinWest Blue
NojikoEast BlueOykot Kingdom
Nugire YainuEast Blue
OarsNorth Blue
OrlumbusGrand LineStanding Kingdom
OtohimeGrand LineFishman IslandRyuuguu
PasciaSouth Blue
PaulieParadiseWater Seven
PedroNew WorldZouMokomo Dukedom
Peepley LuluParadiseWater Seven
PellParadiseSandy IslandAlabasta Kingdom
PeppokoEast Blue
PeronaWest Blue
PicaNorth Blue
PisaroGrand LineFishman IslandRyuuguu
PoppokoEast Blue
PorchemyEast BlueDawn IslandGoa Kingdom
Portgas D. AceSouth BlueBaterilla
Pudding PuddingEast Blue
RakiParadiseSkypieaThe Village Hidden in the Cloud
RakuyoSouth Blue
RebeccaNew WorldDressrosa
RikaEast BlueYotsuba IslandShells Town
Riku Doldo IIINew WorldDressrosa
Rob LucciGrand Line
Rock (Yeti)Grand Line
Roronoa ZoroEast BlueShimotsuki
RyuboshiGrand LineFishman IslandRyuuguu
RyumaNew WorldWano CountryRingo
SaboEast BlueDawn IslandGoa Kingdom
SadiGrand Line
SaiWest BlueKano Country
Saint CharlosGrand LineRed LineMary Geoise
Saint RoswardGrand LineRed LineMary Geoise
Saint ShalriaGrand LineRed LineMary Geoise
SakazukiNorth Blue
SaldeathGrand Line
Sanjuan WolfWest Blue
Scotch (Yeti)Grand Line
SengokuSouth Blue
Senor PinkNorth Blue
SentomaruGrand Line
ShanksWest Blue
SheepsheadGrand Line
ShioyakiGrand LineFishman IslandRyuuguu
ShirahoshiGrand LineFishman IslandRyuuguu
ShirleyGrand LineFishman IslandRyuuguu
ShiryuGrand Line
ShoujouSouth Blue
SicilianNew WorldZouMokomo Dukedom
SicilySouth Blue
SmileyNew WorldPunk Hazard
SmokerGrand Line
SoroEast Blue
SpandamGrand Line
SpandineGrand Line
Speed JiruEast Blue
SquardGrand Line
SterryEast BlueDawn IslandGoa Kingdom
StompParadiseSandy IslandAlabasta Kingdom
StussyGrand Line
SugarNorth Blue
SuleimanSouth Blue
SurumeNorth BlueNorth Pole
T BoneGrand Line
TakeGrand LineFishman IslandRyuuguu
TamagoGrand Line
TashigiEast Blue
ThatchNorth Blue
TilestoneParadiseWater Seven
TomGrand LineFishman Island
TonjitParadiseLong Ring Long Island
Tony Tony ChopperParadiseDrum IslandDrum Kingdom
TrebolNorth Blue
Tsuru (Marine)North Blue
Van AugurEast Blue
Vander Decken IXGrand LineFishman IslandRyuuguu
Vasco ShotSouth Blue
VergoNorth Blue
Victoria CindryWest Blue
ViolaNew WorldDressrosa
VistaNorth Blue
VitoWest Blue
WadatsumiGrand LineFishman IslandRyuuguu
WandaNew WorldZouMokomo Dukedom
WanzeWest Blue
WapolParadiseDrum IslandDrum Kingdom
WireSouth Blue
Woop SlapEast BlueDawn IslandFoosha Village
WyperParadiseSkypieaThe Village Hidden in the Cloud
YasoppEast BlueGecko IslandsSyrup Village
YosakuEast Blue
ZalaGrand Line
ZambaiParadiseWater Seven
ZeoGrand LineFishman IslandRyuuguu
ZuneshaGrand Line

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