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List of all One Piece Manga Chapter Cover Types

Grand Total945
(no cover)2
Ace's Great Blackbeard Search29
Animal Theater129
Buggy's Crew Adventure Chronicles30
Caribou's Kehihihihi in the New World46
Color Spread148
CP9's Independent Report33
Diary of Koby-Meppo30
Enel's Great Space Operations38
Fan Request87
From the Decks of the World48
From the Decks of the World: The 500,000,000 Man Arc25
Gedatsu's Accidental Blue-Sea Life32
Hatchan's Sea-Floor Stroll40
Jango's Dance Paradise37
Miss Goldenweek's "Operation: Meet Baroque Works"43
Single Page Color21
Solo Journey of Jinbe, Knight of the Sea28
Straw Hat's Separation Serial16
The Stories of the Self-Proclaimed Straw Hat Grand Fleet46
Wapol's Omnivorous Hurrah23
Where They Are Now7

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