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Vivre Cards Information Summary

Vivre Card
Birth Month
Birth Day
Height in Meters
Blood Type
0My Card
1Monkey D. Luffy(05) May5191.74F (B)
2Roronoa Zoro(11) November11211.81XF (AB)
3Nami(07) July3201.70X (A)
4Usopp(04) April1191.76S (C\O)
5Vinsmoke Sanji(03) March2211.80RH-
6Tony Tony Chopper(12) December24170.90X (A)
7Nico Robin(02) February6301.88S (C\O)
8Franky(03) March9362.40XF (AB)
8General Franky(01) January813.00
9Brook(04) April3902.77X (A)
10Jinbe(04) April2463.01F (B)
11Going Merry(01) January2211.00
12Thousand Sunny(03) March2556.00
13Nefertari Vivi(02) February2181.69F (B)
14Gol D. Roger(12) December31532.74S (C\O)
15Anjo(01) January1
16Monstar(10) October31
17Shanks(03) March9391.99XF (AB)
18Lucky Roo(07) July6352.41F (B)
19Yasopp(08) August2471.83S (C\O)
20Benn Beckman(11) November9502.06X (A)
21Mikio Itoo(03) March26
22Makino(02) February23311.66S (C\O)
23Higuma(11) November18461.90X (A)
24Gyoru(03) March7
25Chicken(02) February8
26Woop Slap(02) February28
27Lord of the Coast(09) September14
28Koby(05) May13181.67F (B)
29Alvida(03) March14271.98S (C\O)
30Heppoko(09) September2
31Peppoko(09) September2
32Poppoko(09) September2
33Rika(06) June18
34Helmeppo(07) July16221.79S (C\O)
35Soro(11) November11
36Ririka(11) November15
37Morgan(04) April13442.85XF (AB)
38Rokkaku(06) June19
39Ukkari(02) February17
40Kuina(09) September17111.50S (C\O)
41Koushirou(05) May4511.84S (C\O)
42Ripper(06) June13
43Pinky(09) September29
44Tightrope Funan Bros.(02) February25
45Superhuman Domingo(02) February19
46Buggy(08) August8391.92F (B)
47Domo-kun(01) January30
48Acrobatic Fuwas(07) July13
49Mohji(10) October1291.97S (C\O)
50Richie(07) July232.00
51Chouchou(11) November22140.40
52Boodle(01) January16751.72F (B)
53Hocker(05) May17
54Poro(05) May11
55Cabaji(09) September8342.08X (A)
56Cocox(02) February19
57Gaimon(08) August5451.30X (A)
58Mornin(10) October15
59Ninjin(02) February2111.27X (A)
60Piiman(04) April9111.20XF (AB)
61Tamanegi(04) April10111.24S (C\O)
62Kuro(04) April22352.07X (A)
63Kaya(08) August24191.69F (B)
64Mansion's Guards(07) July1
65Merry(01) January22
66Jango(12) December28292.07S (C\O)
67Sham(04) April19232.01X (A)
68Buchi(02) February7232.16X (A)
69Nugire Yainu(07) July18
70Banchina(12) December17
71Yosaku(11) November10261.85F (B)
72Johnny(11) November12251.86F (B)
73Fullbody(09) September7281.84F (B)
74Motzel(09) September7
75Moodie(11) November17
76Zeff(04) April2671.89XF (AB)
77Batchee(07) July1
78Patty(03) March12292.04X (A)
79Lines(12) December27
80Pandaman(02) February292.00
81Gin(04) April7271.86S (C\O)
82Carne(02) February9341.71S (C\O)
83Roxanne(01) January23
84Krieg(09) September19442.43XF (AB)
85Dracule Mihawk(03) March9431.98S (C\O)
86Pearl(07) July11252.39F (B)
87Ideaman(03) March17
88Hustle(07) July28
89Kumate Tribe(09) September29
90Kagikko(10) October27
91Panda Shark(08) August29
92Nami Fishman
93Nezumi(12) December12361.82XF (AB)
94Arlong(05) May3412.63F (B)
95Hatchan(08) August8382.20S (C\O)
96Chabo(06) June14
97Nojiko(07) July25221.70S (C\O)
98Genzo(06) June17481.73F (B)
99Kaneshiro(12) December2
100Pisaro(08) August14
101Momoo(04) April91636.00S (C\O)
102Chew(05) May23352.57X (A)
103Kuroobi(10) October25382.52S (C\O)
104Shioyaki(03) March27
105Take(08) August21
106Pudding Pudding(05) May16
107Bell-mère(12) December3301.86S (C\O)
108Nako(07) July1
109Mummy Mee(11) November21
110Daddy Dee
111Den Den Mushi
112News Coo
113Brannew(09) September3561.90X (A)
114John Giant(05) May19
115Packy(12) December9
116Koze(05) May27
117Hanger(09) September23
118Ipponmatsu(01) January31401.57X (A)
119Ipponume(12) December1
120Sapi(03) March22
121Mashikaku(12) December26
122Smoker(03) March14362.09XF (AB)
123Yu(07) July19
124Tashigi(10) October6231.70S (C\O)
125Monkey D. Dragon(10) October5552.56F (B)
126Laboon(09) September1653400.00F (B)
127Crocus(01) January4732.03XF (AB)
128Mr. 9(09) September27
129Mr. 13(05) May17
130Miss Friday(01) January21
131Mr Snowman(02) February18
132The Snow Queen(02) February18
133Miss Catherina(03) March23
134Mr. Beans(02) February24
135Igaram(12) December6502.18X (A)
136Mr. Shimizu(12) December11
137Miss Monday(01) January24
138Karoo(11) November8161.50F (B)
139Gem(07) July26261.97X (A)
140Mikita(02) February14241.77XF (AB)
141Henohenounchi(02) February19
142Brontosaurus(11) November19
143Louis Arnote(12) December20
144Brogy(02) February116021.30F (B)
145Dorry(10) October216022.60F (B)
146Samurai Batts(03) March8
147Galdino(03) March3371.79F (B)
148Marianne(04) April29181.45XF (AB)
150Mr. 11(11) November21
151Island Eater(04) April21
152Yuki(12) December17
153Akumai(12) December27
154Wapol(08) August9292.07X (A)
155Hiking Bear7.00
156Negikuma Maria(11) November14
157Dalton(06) June10352.18X (A)
158Super Snowman
159Snow Monster Shirora
161Tamachibi(06) June17
162Kureha1411.88S (C\O)
164Chess(07) July20321.94S (C\O)
165Kuromarimo(01) January26301.86F (B)
168Hiluluk(01) January12682.13F (B)
170Nefertari Cobra(02) February13501.82F (B)
172Bentham(08) August15322.38F (B)
174Crocodile(09) September5462.53S (C\O)
177Portgas D. Ace(01) January1201.85S (C\O)
179Drophy(12) December25511.56S (C\O)
180Babe(06) June19302.18F (B)
181Zala(07) July30281.87X (A)
182Daz Bones(01) January1312.12F (B)
188Matsuge(08) August17171.90X (A)
190Koza(05) May26221.77X (A)
199Pell(08) August23351.89X (A)
200Chaka(04) April26412.13S (C\O)
206Stomp(10) October10152.02X (A)
207Ivan X(01) January8162.28S (C\O)
208Cowboy(04) April12161.55F (B)
209Bourbon Jr.(04) April8141.33F (B)
210Kentauros(11) November23151.57F (B)
211Hikoichi(05) May1141.38S (C\O)
212Lassoo(01) January4
224Hina(03) March3341.81F (B)
235Masira(03) March4253.45F (B)
238Bellamy(08) August7272.40F (B)
240Sarquiss(07) July12272.28F (B)
251Shoujou(05) May8273.51X (A)
252Mont Blanc Cricket(09) September11432.42S (C\O)
262Tsuru (Marine)(03) March26762.04X (A)
265Sengoku(05) May9792.78F (B)
268Laffitte(03) March13413.40X (A)
270Edward Newgate(04) April6726.66F (B)
272Jesus Burgess(12) December25293.55F (B)
274Marshall D. Teach(08) August3403.44F (B)
275Doc Q(10) October18283.42S (C\O)
276Stronger(04) April16
279Gan Fall(12) December22681.80X (A)
280Pierre(10) October8
281Amazon(08) August4791.20X (A)
283Conis(05) May20211.76F (B)
283Van Augur(10) October5273.40X (A)
284Suu(09) September24
285Pagaya(08) August17541.79F (B)
286Holy(11) November7
288Satori(03) March10271.79S (C\O)
289Fuza(02) February3
290Shura(09) September20331.91S (C\O)
292Aisa(01) January3111.40F (B)
293Kamakiri(07) July10242.14F (B)
294Wyper(08) August18241.83X (A)
295Genbo(02) February9251.93S (C\O)
296Braham(10) October10241.79X (A)
297Raki(07) July7221.79S (C\O)
299Ohm(03) March25291.89XF (AB)
300Gedatsu(08) August10312.20S (C\O)
301Yama(10) October3453.66F (B)
302Enel(05) May6392.66S (C\O)
307Hotori(03) March10271.79S (C\O)
308Kotori(03) March10271.79S (C\O)
314Chief(10) October4651.79X (A)
317Kalgara(10) October4392.22X (A)
318Mont Blanc Noland(10) October9392.20S (C\O)
357Kuzan(09) September21492.98F (B)
377Rob Lucci(06) June2302.12XF (AB)
378Hattori(08) August10
445Monkey D. Garp(05) May2782.87F (B)
446Marco(10) October5452.03X (A)
447Jozu(11) November11425.03X (A)
457Thatch(03) March24
493Sea Bunny(10) October19
494Camie(11) November3181.97X (A)
495Pappag(09) September21330.50XF (AB)
496Duval(08) August11254.70S (C\O)
500Motobaro(08) August19
501Antonio(01) January21
502Devil Dias(09) September18
503Saru(03) March28
504Saint Shalria(03) March29171.78XF (AB)
505Saint Rosward(06) June28552.15XF (AB)
506Jean Bart(04) April6
507Kairiken(01) January24
508Minoruba(02) February18
509Shakuyaku(05) May8641.86X (A)
510Capone Bege(01) January17421.66S (C\O)
511Jewelry Bonney(09) September1241.74F (B)
512Basil Hawkins(09) September9312.10S (C\O)
513Blamenco(02) February5
513Eustass Kid(01) January10232.05F (B)
514Scratchmen Apoo(03) March19312.56XF (AB)
515X Drake(10) October24332.33X (A)
516Urouge(08) August1473.88S (C\O)
517Killer(02) February2271.95X (A)
518Trafalgar D. Water Law(10) October6261.91F (B)
519Penguin(04) April2528X (A)
520Bepo(11) November20222.40S (C\O)
521Shachi(04) April727X (A)
522Peterman(01) January4
523Saint Charlos(06) June1242.30XF (AB)
524Marie(11) November2
525Judy(11) November2
526Marin(10) October17
528Wire(07) July18
529Disco(06) June12
530Stansen(05) May27
531Silvers Rayleigh(05) May13781.88XF (AB)
532Pascia(02) February2122
533Byron(12) December18271.92
534Coffee Monkeys(11) November14
535Lacuba(05) May31
536Sicily(06) June5
538Borsalino(11) November23583.02XF (AB)
539Faust(12) December13
540Candy(06) June14
541Sentomaru(03) March10342.79F (B)
542Sweet Pea(01) January14
543Marguerite(04) April9181.78F (B)
544Aphelandra(08) August1
545Belladonna(10) October26
546Kikyo(07) July27
547Nerine(12) December15
548Gloriosa(02) February4
549Pansy(07) July20
550Poppy(05) May17
551Yuda #1(12) December7
551Yuda #2(12) December7
552Ran(11) November24
553Cosmos(09) September26
554Rindo(09) September16
555Blue Fan(07) July11
556Daisy(02) February15
557Boa Hancock(09) September2311.91S (C\O)
558Boa Sandersonia(09) September3304.53S (C\O)
559Boa Marigold(09) September5284.32S (C\O)
560Salome(03) March6
561Enishida(02) February24
562Pandawoman(02) February29
563Bacura(11) November29
565Taroimo(10) October16
566Tibany(06) June19
568Maskeredomo Bird(12) December8
569Shanba(11) November8
570Stalker(09) September28
571Hannyabal(08) August28353.09S (C\O)
572Pankuta Dakeyan(06) June29
573Domino(10) October30
574Blue Gorilla3.00
575Magellan(10) October9474.91X (A)
576Jean Goen(09) September24
578An Zengaiina(01) January31
579Puzzle Scorpion2.00
580Saldeath(06) June8182.18F (B)
582Sadi(03) March5231.83S (C\O)
584Daigin(08) August24
588Inazuma(08) August3292.28F (B)
589Emporio Ivankov(01) January8534.49XF (AB)
591Shiryu(06) June11443.40X (A)
595Sakazuki(08) August16553.06F (B)
600Squard(09) September6522.28F (B)
605Namur(07) July6
606Vista(02) February5473.28X (A)
607Curiel(09) September12
608Speed Jiru(04) April6
609Rakuyo(09) September8
610Blenheim(08) August6
611Fossa(04) April15
612Haruta(02) February4
614Izo(10) October13
615Atmos(03) March19
627Heat(12) December1
627Little Oars Jr.(02) February127238.00F (B)
640Kingdew(11) November13
648Sanjuan Wolf(03) March299180.00S (C\O)
649Vasco Shot(08) August5385.73X (A)
650Catarina Devon(03) March29363.61F (B)
651Avalo Pizarro(09) September30425.05X (A)
655Chadros Higelyges(02) February3456.91S (C\O)
656Curly Dadan(08) August30552.21X (A)
659Sabo(03) March20221.87X (A)
664Sterry(03) March12201.80S (C\O)
680Demaro Black(05) May5362.45S (C\O)
681Chocolat(09) September21261.81X (A)
682Turco(10) October29452.58X (A)
683Mounblutain(01) January9302.94XF (AB)
684Manjaro(09) September9252.02S (C\O)
685Drip(10) October22242.08XF (AB)
686Cocoa(11) November7271.38X (A)
687Nora Gitsune(04) April10131.03
691Caribou(07) July4322.28XF (AB)
692Coribou(05) May2292.50XF (AB)
694Surume(06) June9120300.00S (C\O)
715Fukaboshi(02) February4246.04S (C\O)
716Ryuboshi(06) June24235.44S (C\O)
717Mamboshi(03) March30204.73S (C\O)
722Hyouzou(04) April18393.27X (A)
723Shirley(09) September9295.20XF (AB)
725Hody Jones(04) April14303.31F (B)
726Dosun(10) October9304.18S (C\O)
727Zeo(11) November11303.25X (A)
728Daruma(07) July8301.22F (B)
729Ikaros Much(01) January13304.99XF (AB)
731Neptune(07) July37012.20X (A)
732Hoe(09) September1340.00
733Megalo(04) April825.00
734Minister of the Right(04) April5553.13XF (AB)
735Minister of the Left(07) July2624.35X (A)
736Shirahoshi(04) April41611.87X (A)
737Wadatsumi(02) February92580.00F (B)
738Vander Decken IX(08) August22353.52XF (AB)
740Den(10) October10624.35X (A)
742Fisher Tiger(11) November5485.20RH-
744Otohime(01) January10362.24S (C\O)
747Koala(10) October25231.60F (B)
748Aladdin(01) January31466.27XF (AB)
764Pekoms(04) April11272.32S (C\O)
765Tamago(05) May14463.01XF (AB)
781Marine "Grand Line" Fifth Branch(05) May5
783Dragon Number Thirteen(06) June370.00
786Mocha(06) June2896.92S (C\O)
796Monet(08) August27302.27X (A)
797Caesar Clown(04) April9403.09X (A)
798Rock (Yeti)(12) December112542.50RH-
799Scotch (Yeti)(12) December112542.50RH-
803Smiley(07) July184150.00
804Vergo(07) July5412.47X (A)
805Kin'emon(01) January29362.95X (A)
810Kozuki Momonosuke(10) October781.10X (A)
812Baby 5(05) May15241.81XF (AB)
813Buffalo(04) April8306.96F (B)
830Issho(08) August10542.70S (C\O)
1032Stussy(04) April241.79S (C\O)

Visual Guide to all Characters Currently Featured in the Vivre Card Databook

Guide created and kindly provided by the Reddit user u/Captain__M

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