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One Piece World Globe

This is a graphical representation of the One Piece world map on a interactive globe. You can rotate it or zoom it in the style of Google Earth.

The map only presents canon locations. The colors, positions or format of the islands and places are not 100% accurate, because they were only based on the information that we have available in the manga. This project is constantly being updated, so you can send to us any suggestions or corrections you have!

One Piece World Map

Representation of the One Piece World in a 2D Plan.

One Piece world map

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  1. Where is sniper island?

  2. Where’s the Hand Island?

    1. I chose not to put non-canon islands in the map.

  3. This is impressive

  4. there are many things wrong with this map , like germa kingdom and thriller bark..

    1. Hi Dragon! Why are you saying that? Germa Kingdom anchored next to Totto Land during the Whole Cake Island Arc, and we have no information about its later situation. As for Thriller Bark, it was last seen in New World near the “Pirate Island” Hachinosu in chapter 925.

  5. This whole page is great, thank you for putting so much effort into this. The list of bounties is so entertaining to look at and I love seeing who’s birthday it is!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind support, I’m glad to know that my work has a purpose!

    2. Where’s loguetown?

      1. Loguetown is a city on the Polestar Islands, as I mentioned in a comment above I have not yet added the names of the cities, only the islands.

  6. Thank you so much for these informations. and btw the world map is so great i like it your the best

    1. My pleasure, it’s a project that I really enjoy working!

  7. Where is Loguetown?

    1. Loguetown is a city on the Polestar Islands. We plan to update the map in the future with cities and other places, so stay tuned!!!

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