Top 1,336 Strongest One Piece Characters


Help us build the list of all One Piece characters sorted from strongest to weakest! Below you can see two random characters, choose who you think is stronger, and your choice will be added to the overall ranking. You can repeat as many times as you want!

Strongest characters overall raking

Below are the general results of all votes collected, ranked from most chosen to least chosen. The percentage that appears can be read as “percentage of matches won” or “probability of winning against a random opponent in a match”. In parentheses, the number of matches won / number of matches participated.


Episode 995

  • Jizo (Beast Pirates) added (name revealed in the credits).

Chapter 1053

  • Kozuki Sukiyaki score replaced by Tenguyama Hitetsu score. Former Kozuki Sukiyaki removed.
  • Ryokugyu name changed to Aramaki.
  • Guernica (CP0 member) added.

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  1. Hi. First of all, amazing work. I got features like Character name, height, devil fruit profile and bounty earlier, but now i can not see that data anymore. Could you please suggest me where all that data is?


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