Character Height Comparison Chart

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One Piece Character Height Comparison Chart

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  1. Cass

    Where’s crocodile at?

  2. Sam

    Ah sweet! The heights for Nekomamushi and Inuarashi have been fixed to 5.22m and 5.11m. Gosh, I really can`t understand how they first had them around 3m.

  3. My name is doomguy

    hey guy’s in the one piece magazine volume 8, was revealed that capone (big father) is 80 meters long

  4. Awareness Bringer

    Does anyone where to find any of those Luffy height comparison things from the Vivre Card Databook? It’s hard to visualize how tall some characters are compared to others from reading their heights rather than seeing them.

  5. Daniel

    Everyone getting pissed because they get the height of some unimportant characters wrong…
    seriously the writer of one piece must have had a hard time at school for being short or something…

  6. moltes

    can anyone see nico robin on the big pic?

    1. David

      She’s on the left with the revolutionary army

  7. There s no official measurement, but I d say 20-25 feet, judging from panels of a side-view of him talking to Shanks (he looks to be a little over 3 times Shanks height, but he s sitting down, so it s hard to tell just how much it s over) and an almost side-view of him getting attacked by a horde of marines (but you can t see his legs in that one).

  8. SleepySnorlax

    They’re both on there the yeti cool brothers are both 42 meters or 139 ft tall

  9. Richard


  10. Anonymous

    Pica golem ?

    1. Clay Stage

      Oda being inconsistent with heights is not something new, actually Kin’emon is only 23cm lower than Nekomamushi and 27cm than Inuarashi. But I confess that he was a little taller on the chart than it should (I forgot to remove the height of the sandals!). It’s already fixed!

    2. DeePulse

      I agree, they are definitely wrong. It has to be a missprint. In Zou, Inu and Neko are much taller than Kinemon, Kanjuro(347cm), Brook and most of the minks. I thought they would be ~450cm, minimum 430cm. The first time we saw Inuarashi on the bed he was huge and there is also a panel from 925 where he’s exactly the same height as Shutenmaru who is also huge.

  11. Anonymous


  12. vinyl


  13. Anonymous


  14. Matteo

    Where is Eneru?😭

    1. Clay Stage

      The information on Eneru will appear in the next Vivre Card Booster Pack, which will be released on April 4. Keep visiting us to keep you updated!

  15. Sam

    Awesome post!

    Though, I am quite surprised that Fujitora is only 2.70 m O_0 I thought he was the same height as Doflamingo, close to 3 m.

  16. jeremy

    where is the yeti cool brothers?

    1. Clay Stage

      They are not listed, we still do not know their height. Maybe in a future Vivre Card!

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