One Piece Heights

Character Height Comparison Chart

Hi everyone!

We present a chart with all characters from the One Peice manga/anime whose height is known, on a scale of 1px = 1cm! This is a project we’ve been keeping up to date since the creation of in 2018! For a list with detailed heights, visit

One Piece Character Height Comparison Chart
One Piece Character Height Comparison Chart

Some characters may appear to have the wrong height compared to what appears in the manga or anime. This can happen because Eiichiro Oda is somewhat inconsistent with this theme, so this chart is based only on official height values.

It can also happen because it’s a tricky thing to put some characters 100% to scale in a image. For example Merfolk like Shirley or Fukaboshi often have curled long tails, which make the image size difficult to calculate. The same applies to animals such as Nola or Surume. Some characters with hats, funny hairstyles, or other objects above their heads also have to get an attention for our part. So forgive us if there is any inconsistency!

Whenever there is new information on an SBS, Vivre Card, or on the One Piece canon, we will update this image as soon as possible!