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Character Height Comparison Chart

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We present a chart with all characters from the One Piece manga/anime whose height is known, on a scale of 1px = 1cm! This is a project we’ve been keeping up to date since the creation of in 2018! For a list with detailed heights, visit Please note that, for performance reasons, the image shown below is not the full-size image! To access the image with a higher resolution, check the options below!

One Piece Character Height Comparison Chart
One Piece Character Height Comparison Chart

Some characters may appear to have the wrong height compared to what appears in the manga or anime. This can happen because Eiichiro Oda is somewhat inconsistent with this theme, so this chart is based only on official height values.

It can also happen because it’s a tricky thing to put some characters 100% to scale in a image. For example Merfolk like Shirley or Fukaboshi often have curled long tails, which make the image size difficult to calculate. The same applies to animals such as Nola or Surume. Some characters with hats, funny hairstyles, or other objects above their heads also have to get an attention for our part. So forgive us if there is any inconsistency!

Whenever there is new information on an SBS, Vivre Card, or on the One Piece canon, we will update this image as soon as possible!

Top 10 tallest One Piece characters

  1. Zunesha: 35,000m
  2. Sea Kings: 5,000m
  3. Island Eater: 715m
  4. Laboon: 400m
  5. Surume: 300m
  6. Nola: 200m
  7. Sanjuan Wolf: 180m
  8. Smiley: 150m
  9. Big Father: 80m
  10. Wadatsumi: 80m

Top 10 shortest One Piece characters

  1. Mansherry: 0.2m
  2. Leo: 0.23m
  3. Chouchou: 0.4m
  4. Pappag: 0.5m
  5. Bakkin: 0.68m
  6. Toko: 0.89m
  7. Tony Tony Chopper: 0.9m
  8. Hyogoro: 1m
  9. Nora Gitsune: 1.03m
  10. Tama: 1.08m

For the complete list, visit the List of One Piece Characters by Height.

Small facts about the characters height

  • The average height of a One Piece character is 103.91 meters, inflated by the Sea Kings and Zunesha. Not counting these, the average height is “only” 9.84 meters.
  • Female characters have an average height of 2.54 meters, while male characters reach 10.29 meters.
  • A human is on average 2.54 meters.
  • The average height of a “normal” giant is 33.63 meters, while Ancient Giants hit 63.50 meters. Mysterious Giants have an average height of 42.50 meters.
  • Dwarfs are the smallest race, with an average height of just 22 cm.
  • Fishmen average 7.96 meters, while Merfolk only reach 5.20 meters.
  • The average height of Minks is 2.60 meters, quite similar to humans.
  • Longlegs are naturally longer than Longarms, averaging 3.08 meters against 2.41 meters.
  • As for the sky races, the average heights are: Birkans are 2.21 meters, Shyandias are 1.86 meters and Skypeans are 1.64 meters.

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  1. Hi!
    I was wondering which program do you use to make some characters bigger without losing image quality (like wadatsumi, oars, etc).

  2. Why are Morley and Saul far away from the Revolutionary Army, Ohara people, and Robin? I think it would make more sense to move them to the left side and move Hajrudin to the right, closer to the other Grand Fleet captains and Gerd.

  3. Where is Hancock?
    Also, King is supposed to be 1 centimeter taller than Queen, but it looks like the top of Queen’s head is one or two lines of pixels taller than the top of King’s head when I zoom in.

    • Oh yes, you are right! Queen was a couple of pixels taller than he should be! As for Hancock, she had sadly been hidden behind other characters… I’ve updated the images, thanks for the alert!

    • You wouldn’t know it from how heights are animated during the show but yeah General Franky is that huge. Its the minimum size to be considered a giant so its several meters larger then Bigmom.

  4. I recently kind of check the Vol 7 of the One Piece Magazine and there’s a page were i saw that it was mentioned that Nola (The snake of skypiea) was 200 meters long (i’am not that sure about it,i don’t know japanese,i just saw that in the page were the snake was described,there was the number “200” Follow by the letter M,so just like seen in previous volumes,i thought that it was obviously talking about it’s height)

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  6. Ah sweet! The heights for Nekomamushi and Inuarashi have been fixed to 5.22m and 5.11m. Gosh, I really can`t understand how they first had them around 3m.

  7. Does anyone where to find any of those Luffy height comparison things from the Vivre Card Databook? It’s hard to visualize how tall some characters are compared to others from reading their heights rather than seeing them.

  8. Everyone getting pissed because they get the height of some unimportant characters wrong…
    seriously the writer of one piece must have had a hard time at school for being short or something…

  9. There s no official measurement, but I d say 20-25 feet, judging from panels of a side-view of him talking to Shanks (he looks to be a little over 3 times Shanks height, but he s sitting down, so it s hard to tell just how much it s over) and an almost side-view of him getting attacked by a horde of marines (but you can t see his legs in that one).

    • Oda being inconsistent with heights is not something new, actually Kin’emon is only 23cm lower than Nekomamushi and 27cm than Inuarashi. But I confess that he was a little taller on the chart than it should (I forgot to remove the height of the sandals!). It’s already fixed!

    • I agree, they are definitely wrong. It has to be a missprint. In Zou, Inu and Neko are much taller than Kinemon, Kanjuro(347cm), Brook and most of the minks. I thought they would be ~450cm, minimum 430cm. The first time we saw Inuarashi on the bed he was huge and there is also a panel from 925 where he’s exactly the same height as Shutenmaru who is also huge.

  10. Awesome post!

    Though, I am quite surprised that Fujitora is only 2.70 m O_0 I thought he was the same height as Doflamingo, close to 3 m.


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