One Piece Setups and Payoffs

List of One Piece Foreshadows

1Lucky Roux mentions that they stole the Gomu Gomu no Mi in a battle1,017Who's-Who claims it was stolen from him in battle1,0168,74424.0
1Shanks scares the Lord of the Coast597Rayleigh explains King Haki5964,79013.1
5Koushirou uses two crossed swords as a symbol of his Dojo942A Wano Samurai from 25 years ago appears using the same symbol9377,93121.7
7A Marine reveals that pirates have joined the Marines to be spies673Vergo is revealed as a Vice Admiral6665,41814.8
8Luffy reveals he wants a musician on the crew489Brook joins the crew4813,81510.5
13Luffy finds out about Richie and Chouchou's fight507The "Voice of All Things" is introduced4943,92510.8
68A cook refers to Fishman Island as the Panda Shark's birthplace607Fishman Island makes his first appearance5394,38912.0
69Arlong is introduced showing a sun tattoo620Sun Pirates where introduced5514,49612.3
69Jinbe is mentioned by Yosaku528Jinbe is introduced4593,68410.1
69The Three Great Powers are mentioned432Garp explains the Three Great Powers3632,8727.9
69Yosaku says Jinbe freed Arlong on East Blue624Jinbe frees Arlong from Impel down5554,53112.4
84Hatchan reveals that he is the second-best Fishman swordsman607Hyouzou is introduced5234,26311.7
102Laboon is introduced459It turned out that Laboon is waiting for Brook's crew3572,8427.8
133Blackbeard Pirates are mentioned234Blackbeard Pirates are revelated1017842.1
134Luffy says he heard in a bar from someone who never sleeps966It's said that Blackbeard never slept8327,16819.6
154There was no snow on the day Ace visited Drum Island---Ben Beakman reveals that melted because Ace was "like fire" (novel A)6,45417.7
157Ace shows a S crossed tattoo583Sabo is introduced4263,4869.6
159Ace gives Luffy a piece of paper489Vivre Cards are explained3302,6677.3
173Sanji's Den Den Mushi has both spirals to the same side598Sanji has both eyebrows to the same side4253,5009.6
174Sanji calls himself Mr. Prince812Sanji is revealed to be the Vinsmoke Family's third son6385,42514.9
227Sanji says he was born in North Blue812Sanji is revealed to be the Vinsmoke Family's third son5855,01913.8
234A smiley symbol appears on the Whitebeard medication303Doflamingo reveals that his flag has a smiley symbol695461.5
246Mantra is introduced597Rayleigh explains Observation Haki3512,9078.0
254Usopp saw someone fixing the Merry351Franky explains to Usopp about the Klabautermann977912.2
278Ace meets a Moda in a Cover Story904The Revolutionary Army saves Moda's village6265,46015.0
301Robin learns about the location of Poseidon649Shirahoshi is revealed to be Poseidon3482,9338.0
306Robin says Davy Back Fight was born on Pirate Paradise Island925Pirate's Paradise Island is revealed6195,42414.9
310Luffy wears a kimono with a crane bird stamp in front of a pink dragon817The Kozuki Family Crest is revealed as a crane bird5074,39612.0
310Luffy wears a kimono with a crane bird stamp in front of a pink dragon1,023The adult Momonosuke dragon form appears7136,40517.5
323Luffy draws his ideal shipwright, which vaguely resembles Franky437Franky joins the crew1149242.5
431Garp harms Luffy with his Fist of Love597Rayleigh explains Armament Haki1661,4073.9
434Shanks says that Blackbeard would come for Whitebeard's position650Blackbeard reveals to be a Yonko2161,8625.1
440Zoro's dojo village name is revealed as Shimotsuki Village942Yasuie full name is revealed as Shimotsuki Yasuie5024,51012.4
449The cover reveals a dragon and cherry blossoms921The ruler of Wano Kaido reveals to have a Dragon Devil Fruit4724,22811.6
450Wano Country is mentioned by Hogback910Straw Hats made it to Wano4604,11611.3
486Luffy takes a armband from a treasure trove527The truth about John's armband is revealed413430.9
501Dwarves appear in the Auctioning House price list711Dwarves are introduced in Dressrosa2101,8415.0
501Longlegs appear in the Auctioning House price list651Baron Tamago makes his debut1501,3113.6
501Minks appear in the Auctioning House price list804Minks are formally introduced in Zou3032,7027.4
501Snakenecks appear in the Auctioning House price list827Amande makes her debut3262,9198.0
504Doflamingo mentions the age of Smiles689It is revealed that artificial Zoan Devil Fruits are called SMILES1851,6174.4
511Sentomaru deflected Luffy's attack without making direct contact937Luffy says that an advanced Armament Haki exists4263,86410.6
520Chapter cover hints Ace's death574Ace dies544711.3
538Ivankov says a user of a digging Devil Fruit made Newkama Land904Morley is Introduced3663,3259.1
544Blackbeard says he's going to make a show that will "shake" the world577Blackbeard steals Whitebeard's Devil Fruit332870.8
555Ace reveals having learned how to make a kasa hat in Wano912Tama reveals having met Ace in Wano3573,2488.9
589Monkey D. Dragon brings a wounded person to the ship794The person is revealed to be Sabo2051,8465.1
593A crow delivers the news to a revolutionary904Karasu reveals an ability to turn into several crows3112,8497.8
668A 3rd Sake cup appears on Ace's grave731Sabo is confirmed alive635671.6
672Kin'emon shows to have developed a fire-cutting technique991Kin'emon cuts Kaido's Boro Breath3193,0108.2
682Kin'emon reveals revenge on dragons921Kaido reveals to have a Dragon Devil Fruit2392,2196.1
701Kaido asks Momonosuke what his name is986Kozuki Momonosuke answers his name2852,7027.4
738A guard says only 1 in 10 SMILES are viable943It is revealed that only 10% of SMILES have the intended effects2051,9185.3
754Kanjuro draws badly with his left hand976Kanjuro draws well when using his right hand2222,0795.7
779Mihawk says that any blade can become a black blade937Gyukimaro says that Shusui become black after many battles1581,4774.0
801Doflamingo mentions an Empty Throne907Empty Throne is revealed1069872.7
801Sanji's Wanted Poster says "Only Alive"812Sanji's wedding plans are revealed111120.3
808Pleasures are introduced always smiling943Smiling is revealed to be a SMILE side effect1351,2743.5
811Minks mention the full moon888Carrot becomes Sulong777071.9
820Momonosuke says he met Gol D. Roger919Momonosuke reveals that he traveled 20 years in time999262.5

Other long-term planning examples

19Silvers Rayleigh appears in a flashback500Silvers Rayleigh is introduced4813,82910.5
49Mihawk cuts a ship in half599Zoro cuts a ship in half5504,46612.2
69Luffy refers to the Grand Line as Paradise594The first half of the Grand Line is named Paradise5254,24411.6
92Monkey D. Garp is introduced431Monkey D. Garp reveals to be Luffy's grandfather3392,6887.4
100Monkey D. Dragon is introduced432Monkey D. Dragon reveals to be Luffy's father3322,6397.2
102Going Merry suffers his first main damage430Going Merry dies3282,5957.1
195Keimi appears in a Cover Story490Keimi appears in the story2952,3876.5
218Robin joins the Crew457Robin calls the crew members by their names for the first time2391,9255.3
397Sakazuki (type of traditional type of sake cup) is introduced573Sakazuki kills Ace1761,4704.0
432Yonkus are mentioned795The last Yonku is introduced3633,1998.8
434The clash between Shanks and Whitebeard splits the sky1,026The clash between Luffy and Kaidou splits the sky5925,43214.9
435Sanji's Wanted Poster has a drawing instead of his photo494Duval's face is revealed looking like the drawing594971.4
476Lola is introduced835Nami finds that Lola is Big Mom’s daughter3593,2068.8
492Duval wears an iron mask to avoid being mistaken for Sanji840Sanji as a child was forced to wear an iron mask to avoid being seen3483,1158.5
504Rayleigh removes Camie's collar947Luffy removes his collar4434,02511.0
509X Drake is introduced as an ex marine956It is revealed that X Drake is a double agent for the Marines4474,06511.1
701Straw Hat Pirates are seen together976Straw Hat Pirates reunite2752,5837.1
723Zoro and Sanji are seen together943Zoro and Sanji reunite2202,0585.6

List of Usopp Lies that have (kind of) become true

23Says that Pirates are attacking the village28Kuro's army attacks the village5350.1
24Says he fought a huge goldfish whose poop is as large as a island128A giant goldfish that has pooped Nanimonai Island appears1047892.2
24Says that he saw a huge mole under Kaya's mansion184Miss Merry Christmas reveals her Mogu Mogu no Mi1601,2253.4
24Says that there is a Country of Dwarfs711Dwarves are introduced in Dressrosa6875,62815.4
24Says to be a brave warrior of the sea367Sogeking is revealed3432,6817.3
40Calls the shop owner an alien438Space Pirates appear on a Cover Story3983,1368.6
40Pretends chasing a Cerberus444Actual Cerberus appears in Thriller Bark4043,1908.7
40Pretends chasing a dragon655Actual Dragon appears in Punk Hazard6155,01213.7
41Usopp mentions a medicine that can cure everything1,017Miyagi reveals the super recovery drug9768,43523.1
42Says that he is an expert in sniping367Sogeking is revealed3252,5487.0
72Says that he has 8 thousand followers744Usopp saves the prisoners in Dressrosa6725,56515.2
115Claimed Luffy's 30M first bounty is his435Got his first bounty at 30 million Berry3202,5417.0
133Mentions snow monsters on Drum Island665The Yeti Cool Brothers are introduced5324,39612.0
458Says that a beautiful swordswoman has come with meat720Rebecca buys meat for Luffy2622,2896.3

Oda playing with numbers

69Title: Arlong Park609Title: Adventure on Fish-Man Island5404,39912.1
387Luffy Announces "Gear Second"783Luffy Announces "Gear Four"3963,4519.5
478Debut of "Nightmare Luffy"784Debut of "Gear Four"3062,7237.5
592Kuraigana Island's castle and Perona crying to Mihawk925Kuraigana Island's castle and Perona crying to Mihawk3333,0548.4
609Title: Adventure on Fish-Man Island906Title: The Holy Land Mary Geoise2972,7087.4