Wanted Poster Templates

Here you can download the template to make your own One Piece Wanted Poster! It is available in a .psd file for those who use Photoshop, and in a easy-to-use transparent .png file for those who prefer to make a simpler edition. Do not forget to download the fonts so that your poster is more realistic!

One Piece: Wanted Poster Template
One Piece: Wanted Poster Template


Photoshop .psd

Transparent .png (High Definition)

Transparent .png (Small Definition)


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  1. Anonymous


  2. Anonymous

    Can I get the font texture?

    1. Clay Stage

      The font texture is the same as the background, with just an extra overlay. You can find them in the file!

  3. Radu

    Thank you so much for this, guys! I’ve just used it and it works flawlessly! You’ve done such an amazing job and I can’t thank you enough, especially since you’re offering this out for free!

  4. Paketilla


    Still have problems with the name change, even with the “edit content” tool. I don’t now what I’m doing wrong or if I need another version (CS6).

    1. Clay Stage

      We updated the template, now you can edit the name with the text tool in the same way as the bounty value. If you still have problems, let us know!

  5. Romeo

    How do I get the font?

    1. Clay Stage

      Just download the files that I made available in the “Fonts” button and install the “.ttf” files!

  6. Flo

    Maaaaaaaan, thank you so much !!!!!!

  7. Dave


  8. Void

    Thank you very much! I downloaded the .PSD file and I could edit the photo and the bounty easily but couldn’t edit the part were it says “your name here” because theres no text edit option (yes, I am a noob at photoshop), can you help me please? Sorry for my bad english >.<

    1. Clay Stage

      It is a Smart Object, so just right click on the layer name, and then click on “Edit contents”!

  9. shanda

    thank you for ur amazing work

  10. June

    Hi! Who should I credit the template to when I post it up on my tumblr/instagram?
    Thank you for the awesome template! It’s perfect!

    1. Clay Stage

      You can credit “claystage.com”! Thank you so much, we are glad you like it!

  11. ImperatoreS

    Thanks for that awesome template! And i have one ask: can you change size of poster to more small, or how i can do it myself? Because i have a lot of small pictures, that can`t be extended (because theirs quality becoming awful).

    1. Clay Stage

      Thank you! You can reduce the size of the poster in any image editing software. What software do you use?

      1. ImperatoreS

        Photoshop CS6, while i trying do it via (CTRL + T), nothing happens.

        1. Clay Stage

          A thousand apologies for the delayed response, this week was tough! In Photoshop you can do this through the “Image”> “Image Size” menu

      2. Anonymous

        Super legendary

  12. SH

    Hi, which font should i download ?

    1. Clay Stage

      Download both fonts. One is used in the name and the other in the bounty.

  13. Anonymous

    May i know which fonts to download ?

  14. Naddy

    Hey, thanks for such an awesome poster!


    Thanks for your awesome works.

  16. Lu

    Thank you so much! I was making a little surprise for my boyfriend who is One Piece fan and this will be the perfect final touch. God bless you T.T

  17. Kitten genocide

    Thank you very much, this made me happy. My friends were so giddy when I printed it they came a little.

  18. Anonymous


  19. Josh

    Thanks! awesome template! There’s only one problem tho, the j in the name section gets cut off at the bottom

    1. Clay Stage

      Thank you for pointing out the mistake! You can download again, it’s already fixed!

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