One Piece Chapter Release Schedule for 2023

One Piece Weekly Schedule for 2023

There’s a new year! This one went fast!!!

Without further ado, and as we have done annually since 2019, we present the One Piece chapter release schedule for the year 2023! Chapter release dates are estimated based on releases and breaks from previous years, and are not official data! As always, any last minute changes to the schedule will be reflected in this calendar with top priority, so you can bookmark this page to always be on top of things!

One Piece Chapter Release Schedule for 2023
One Piece Chapter Release Schedule for 2023

In the next table we present our forecast for the official release dates and leak dates!

WeekChapterLeak DateWSJ
Oficial WSJ
Release Date
Week 01WSJ Break
Week 021071December 28, 20226 | 7January 7, 2023
Week 03WSJ Break
Week 041072January 18, 20238January 23, 2023
Week 051073January 25, 20239January 30, 2023
Week 06Oda Break10February 6, 2023
Week 071074February 8, 202311February 13, 2023
Week 081075February 15, 202312February 20, 2023
Week 091076February 22, 202313February 27, 2023
Week 10Oda Break14March 6, 2023
Week 111077March 8, 202315March 13, 2023
Week 121078March 15, 202316March 20, 2023
Week 131079March 22, 202317March 27, 2023
Week 14Oda Break18April 3, 2023
Week 151080April 5, 202319April 10, 2023
Week 16Oda Break20April 17, 2023
Week 171081April 19, 202321 | 22April 24, 2023
Week 18WSJ Break
Week 191082April 26, 202323May 8, 2023
Week 201083May 10, 202324May 15, 2023
Week 211084May 17, 202325May 22, 2023
Week 22Oda Break26May 29, 2023
Week 231085May 31, 202327June 5, 2023
Week 241086June 7, 202328June 12, 2023
Week 25Oda Break29June 19, 2023
Week 26Oda Break30June 26, 2023
Week 27Oda Break31July 3, 2023
Week 28Oda Break32July 10, 2023
Week 291087July 12, 202333July 17, 2023
Week 301088July 19, 202334July 24, 2023
Week 31Oda Break35July 31, 2023
Week 321089August 2, 202336 | 37August 7, 2023
Week 33WSJ Break
Week 341090August 12, 202338August 21, 2023
Week 35Oda Break39August 28, 2023
Week 361091August 30, 202340September 4, 2023
Week 37Oda Break41September 11, 2023
Week 381092September 13, 202342September 18, 2023
Week 391093September 20, 202343September 25, 2023
Week 40Oda Break44October 2, 2023
Week 411094October 4, 202345October 9, 2023
Week 421095October 11, 202346October 16, 2023
Week 43Oda Break47October 23, 2023
Week 441096October 25, 202348October 30, 2023
Week 451097November 1, 202349November 6, 2023
Week 461098November 8, 202350November 13, 2023
Week 47Oda Break51November 20, 2023
Week 481099November 22, 202352November 27, 2023
Week 491100November 29, 20231December 4, 2023
Week 501101December 6, 20232December 11, 2023
Week 51Oda Break3December 18, 2023
Week 521102December 20, 20234 | 5December 25, 2023
Week 53

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  1. 1100 chapters. 3 years have passed in the story. You can do 20 laps across the world with a boat and this manga will still be doing flashbacks of flashbacks.

  2. This manga will never have decent content or end because of people like those in the comments who will accept anything. Just like berserk and the 10 years of 5 chapters of nothing. All these fools can say is “chill” or “it will be release when it’s released”. F*****g bastards will be eating s**t before thinking of boycott.

  3. Another break after 1095. At this point neither the eye surgery nor the Live Action can explain this break. I guess it’s going to be 2 weeks of chapters + 1 week break. It sucks but the man is getting older and I would rather have him finish this in his own time.

  4. Having the comment section switched off felt better for this website as it gave a vibe of a fan dedicated to following one piece. Now with the comment section open, people who want to just follow the schedule also end up stepping into the s**t people can say. This webpage is literally a gold mine for schedule of OP and now comes alongside pig-s**t

  5. Thank you so much for your effort in putting this calendar together!
    I was wondering if anyone has created a Google Calendar with the releases and breaks schedule for both anime and manga?

  6. Many fans are under the impression that we are entering the final saga which they expect to be as long as if not longer than the Yonko saga which began in Punk Hazard/Zou. They are under the impression that One Piece has 250-400 chapters left and it will go on for 7-10 years at least. Most fans dismissed Oda’s 5 year claim by saying that he says the same thing again and again. But this is simply not the case.

    In 2014 he said that One Piece would go on for 10 more years (2024). In 2019 he said that One Piece would end in 5 years (2024). Also, in 2020 he said that One Piece would end in 2024-2025.

    Oda has also given us percentage estimates: 50% for the timeskip (597-600); 60% at the end of Punk Hazard (Ch 699-700); 70% at the beginning of Whole Cake Island (65% was a misconception that got clarified in the same week.) (Ch 832); 80% at the beginning of Wano (Ch 912).

    Wano is the longest arc so far. It should advance the story by at least 10% if not more meaning that One Piece is at least 90% done.

    Notice that almost each stretch of 10% seems to indicate 100+ manga chapters and:

    – Return to Sabaody (5) + Fishman Island (51) + Punk Hazard (46) = 102 Chapters.

    – Dressrosa = 102 Chapters.

    – Zou (23) + Whole Cake Island (78) = 101 Chapters.

    – Reverie (6) + Wano (145) = 151 Chapters.

    The average length for the last stretch would be 118 chapters. If you calculate chapters based on percentages and go with the pace of 36 chapters per year then:

    – If timeskip is 50% then One Piece has 1194-1200 Chapters (End Date 2026).

    – If Punk Hazard is 60% then One Piece has 1166 Chapters (End Date 2025).

    – If Dressrosa is 70% then One Piece has 1188 Chapters (End Date 2026).

    – If Tottoland is 80% then One Piece has 1140 Chapters (End Date 2024).

    – If Wano is 90% then One Piece has 1170 Chapters (End Date 2025).

    On average One Piece will end in 2025 with around 1170 Chapters. The final part will be around 120 chapters. This is not strict and I find 150 chapters more likely for the final part with 1200 chapters in total making more sense with 60 volumes pre timeskip and 60 volumes post timeskip. 600 chapters for pre timeskip and 600 post timeskip. Chapter 600 is called Romance Dawn to the New World.

    There’s only 3 major arcs: Elbalf, Laughtale and Mary Geoise/New Marineford.

    If the final war is twice as long as Marineford then we get around 60 Chapters. Elbalf can be a set up arc as long as Zou which is around 20 Chapters. Many people want to see a Davy Back fight between Shanks and Luffy. The first Davy Back Fight in Long Ring Long Land was only 19 chapters.

    The remaining chapters go into the Laughtale arc which is where Luffy and Blackbeard might clash. 40 Chapters is more than enough since Marineford was around 30 chapters and the remaining 10 chapters can be used for flashback/lore and set up.

    As for Lodestar, Hachinosu, God Valley, Sphinx these could simply be around 3-6 chapters similar to Reverse Mountain/ Loguetown/ Reverie/ Return to Sabaody. As for every single minor character we can simply get cover stories.

    The end of Thriller Bark to timeskip was a little over 100 chapters. If Oda wants to, the story will pick up pace. The final part will be fast paced like summit war saga.

    Theory by Extromeda7654 (

    • I want to chime in with another point of view here. I have checked the saga in One Piece

      Before Time Skip
      East Blue Saga: Chapter 1 – 100 (100 chapters in total)
      Arabasta Saga: Chapter 101 – 217 (117 chapters in total)
      Sky Island Saga: Chapter 218 – 302 (85 chapters)
      Water 7 Saga: Chapter 303 – 441 (139 chapters)
      Thriller Bark Saga: Chapter 442 – 489 (48 chapters)
      Summit War Saga: Chapter 490 – 597 (108 chapters)

      After Time Skip
      Fish-man Island Saga: Chapter 598 – 653 (56 chapters)
      Dressrosa Saga: Chapter 654 – 801 (148 chapters)
      Whole Cake Island Saga: Chapter 802 – 908 (107 chapters)
      Wano Country Saga: Chapter 909 – 1057 (149 chapters)
      Final Saga: Chapter 1058 – ???

      The longest chapter for each Saga is currently Wano with 149 chapters, or if one has an argument that Water 7 and Enies Lobby should be the same, it is the longest with 187 chapters.

      For the Final Saga, I do think the number won’t be that far either. Sure people may say there are a lot of things unraveled, but we have seen how so many things can be unraveled quickly in 1-3 chapters as well. So I don’t want to put us in a box thinking that the straw hat should go to A, B, C arc, because it might be different in the end.

      If let’s say we take the longest chapters and add a little bit more to it, let’s say taking 200 chapters for the final Saga (13 more compared to Water 7 + Enies Lobby), and taking into account we’re using the shortest amount of chapters Oda produced in a year (currently 33 according to the table above), then calculation will be as follows:

      Final Saga 200 chapters -> 1058 – 1257
      At the end of 2023, estimated we are in Chapter 1103. So there are 154 more chapters left.
      If Oda do 33 chapters each year, then it will be about 5 more years to finish, ending One Piece in 2028

      But this one’s a bit unlikely, as mentioned that Water 7 and Enies Lobby is actually 2 sagas instead of 1.

      If we try to make it similar to Wano, let’s say make it into 152 chapters to make it full 1200. There will be 97 chapters left by the end of 2023.
      That means, if we follow the 33 chapters each year, will mark the end of One Piece in 2026 (slightly 1 more year compared to the Oda’s original plan, which still quite acceptable).

      Furthermore, the 33 chapters happens twice, in 2020 (Covid-19 pandemic condition) and 2023 (having eye surgery)

      I think the 150ish chapters will be more likely here. Unless there’s something happen and the Final Saga is actually breaks into several more Saga parts.


      • bruh water 7 saga starts from 303 & ends at 441 which includes
        long ring long land
        water 7
        enies lobby
        post enies lobby
        which makes 139 chapters & if u add thriller bark saga 48 chapters then it is 187 chapters this person math is totally wrong my guess is that one piece will end in fall 2026-mid 2027 i’ll go with the 2027 more bcoz firstly that now he takes more breaks secondly that oda wants to see the 30th anniversary thirdly the pace of story is going rn it probably will be conclude in 2027

  7. Sensei is getting old. Just like people who do voiceovers in anime. He has this in mind because he is a perfectionist. I think OP will be over in 3-5 years. It’s just that Sensei doesn’t have enough health to continue this longer. Plus, it’s possible that he’ll want some short mange for his pleasure. He is a very wealthy man and can afford it.

    • one piece could easily go on for another 20 years if oda wanted it to but he probably wants to retire and spend time with his family and friends

    • Some have said that he wants to finish it faster because Luffy’s voice actor (Mayumi Tanaka) is getting older and has openly said she can’t keep it up for more than a couple more years.

  8. People that say OP is ending in 2-3 years are so wrong. The Saga of Sabody to Marineford was 100 chapters and that Saga was the conclusion of act 1 of the series. We are less than 50 chapters into the final Saga, and I don’t think there is any way this final Saga is gonna be less than 200 chapters considering the Wano arc alone was 150 chapters. Considering all of that, in addition to the fact that Oda is putting out about 35 chapters a year. I think it’s safe to say OP isn’t ending for at least another 7-10 years.

    • I think anyone that claims OP is ending in 2-3 or even 5y is new to OP and doesn’t know that Oda has made “5 more years, One piece is 60% done” comment multiple times in past

      What we thought would be small Zou like arc is now turning into major arc, Egg head… we have to see conclusion of what Law and Kid will do, Luffy has to somehow find man marked by flame to get 4th road poneglyph, Black beard vs Luffy has to happen, Imu has to be taken down alongside with Gorosei and revolutionary army has to be involved and it needs to be all out war of some sort, we have to see Shanks and Buggy doing something too as they’re emperors, Akainu will have to get some action too, We need to get to Elbaph, Laughtale… so many things need to be done

      Oh… yea… Void century info needs to be dropped and I hope in good long flashback and it will probably happen once luffy learns true history on Laugh Tale…

      So yea tons of stuff need to be covered no way it finishes in 2-3 or even 5y imo

    • 200 – 50 = 150 eps remaining in FS
      150 / 35 = ~4.3 years til OP ends
      Literally smack dab in the middle of the 3-5 year estimate.

    • Oda is having eye surgery. He left a note to the fans which is translated at the end of the scanlations as well.

    • Because of oda eye surgery he experienced loss of vision that’s why he said that he will back with new eyes so he can use shoot light beams from eyes like franky

    • Oda sensei is having a medical procedure that needs to get out of the way, so he can come back shooting light beams from his eyes

    • Golden week, 1082 was leaked way early It’s official release is 5th of may, so it’s just following the same schedule as intended.

    • Lol it’s because of Golden Week, a series of national holidays in Japan. Many people are off work during this week, so it makes sense for there to be a break at this time.

    • Why on earth would a Japanese or ANY non-Mexican on the planet celebrate a spic holiday that only happens in USA?

  9. Such useful content you have here. Really helps me keep track of the manga’s without worrying about misinformation.

  10. Hey, is WSJ on break for 2 weeks in Jan? After Dec 29th release, there’s no Chapters until Jan 20th? Looks like a week is missing?

    • Weeks follows the official release. As the 1071 is leaked much earlier than it will be officially released, then it seems like a long time for a next leak, but the break is smaller in official releases.


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