One Piece Weekly Schedule for 2020

As we did a year ago, we decided to create a calendar with the One Piece chapter release dates and breaks for 2020. The only official dates available at this time are the Weekly Shōnen Jump release until November, so the magazine’s breaks until the end of the year are speculative, and based on previous years.

One Piece Chapter Release Schedule for 2020

Eiichiro Oda’s breaks are all speculated, and based also on previous years, with the last year being more relevant. The author maintained a consistent pattern of pausing every four chapters for a few years, but it seems that by 2019 he has been taking days off more often. Now Oda currently pauses on average one week for every three chapters, which may vary at times when the Weekly Shōnen Jump is not released. This table will be updated whenever there is new official information!

Due to the global COVID-19 situation, in the last few weeks there has been a break for each chapter released, and the scenario is apparently going to hold on for a while longer, so our calendar has been adapted to this situation. Keep in mind that this schedule is speculative and is subject to change whenever new official information appears!

Oficial WSJ
Release Date
Week 01967December 25, 20196 | 7January 4, 2020
Week 02
WSJ Break
Week 03968January 17, 20208January 20, 2020
Week 04969January 24, 20209January 27, 2020
Week 05970January 31, 202010February 3, 2020
Week 06
Oda Break
11February 10, 2020
Week 07971February 14, 202012February 17, 2020
Week 08972February 19, 202013February 22, 2020
Week 09
Oda Break
14March 2, 2020
Week 10973March 6, 202015March 9, 2020
Week 11974March 13, 202016March 16, 2020
Week 12975March 20, 202017March 23, 2020
Week 13
Oda Break
18March 30, 2020
Week 14976April 3, 202019April 6, 2020
Week 15977April 10, 202020April 13, 2020
Week 16
WSJ Break
Week 17978April 24, 202021 | 22April 27, 2020
Week 18
WSJ Break
Week 19979May 8, 202023May 11, 2020
Week 20
Oda Break
24May 18, 2020
Week 21980May 22, 202025May 25, 2020
Week 22
Oda Break
26June 1, 2020
Week 23981June 5, 202027June 8, 2020
Week 24982June 12, 202028June 15, 2020
Week 25983June 19, 202029June 22, 2020
Week 26
Oda Break
30June 27, 2020
Week 27984July 3, 202031July 6, 2020
Week 28
Oda Break
32July 13, 2020
Week 29985July 17, 202033 | 34July 20, 2020
Week 30
WSJ Break
Week 31986July 31, 202035August 3, 2020
Week 32987August 7, 202036 | 37August 11, 2020
Week 33
WSJ Break
Week 34988August 21, 202038August 24, 2020
Week 35
Oda Break
39August 31, 2020
Week 36989September 4, 202040September 7, 2020
Week 37990September 11, 202041September 14, 2020
Week 38
Oda Break
42September 19, 2020
Week 39991September 25, 202043September 28, 2020
Week 40
Oda Break
44October 5, 2020
Week 41
Oda Break
45October 12, 2020
Week 42992October 14, 202046October 17, 2020
Week 43993October 23, 202047October 26, 2020
Week 44994October 30, 202048November 2, 2020
Week 45
Oda Break
49November 9, 2020
Week 46995November 13, 202050November 16, 2020
Week 47996
Week 48
Oda Break
Week 49997
Week 50998
Week 51999
Week 52
WSJ Break

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  1. Anonymous

    Half of you need to learn to respect the man

  2. Joe

    At this rate he will never make the ending in 5 years unless he screws it over. This guy is working at the pace of a turtle, and going to end up working for another 2 more years extra from his turtle pacing. It is better to just work as fast as a regular manga artist and then retire 2 years before working at as a turtle.

    1. Aryan

      hey stfu bruh he’s been writing this for 20 years without taking proper brakes and f*****g shut your mouth

  3. Anonymous

    damn this corona

  4. s

    lazy bum of a mangaka.

    1. Anonymous


    2. Anonymous

      he’s spent over half his life slaving away at this s**t, only sleeping three hours a day, having to draw for almost the entire day, every day, every week. go f**k yourself, the man deserves some f*****g breaks, he has a family now

    3. Anonymous

      you cannot be this stupid you have to be joking

    4. Anonymous

      hope you understand how retarded you look

    5. Anonymous

      r/ EntitledPeople

      1. s

        take your stupid reddit s**t and shove it up your a*s. there’s plenty of other mangakas that do this and don’t take nearly as many breaks as this bum. he sure as hell don’t need you losers to whiteknight him. his health is shit because he wastes panels. he’s giving himself extra work for no reason, every chapter there’s at least a page worth of useless reactions. “IS THAT STRAWHAT!??!!?” “WHO IS THAT GUY?” he treats his readers like morons, which most of you are but his health issue is due of inefficiency and it’s his own fault and not to mention a break every 2 weeks. imagine working your job for maybe 200 days a year. guy is a lazy inefficient fool and you’re all idiots for not seeing that.

        1. Anonymous

          You dont have to read this. If you are waiting for this to be released don’t be mad. He can just decide to not write it anymore.

        2. Aryan

          Do you actually read whatever you type?XD
          He has a world record of most volumes sold in history he fucking doesnt need retarded motherf*****s like you to criticise him f*****g sorry excuse for a nerd

    6. Anonymous

      If you can’t value the effort he has put so far (over 20 years of pure dedication), just stop reading, he didn’t go for all over his health problems for you trash can who doesn’t even know his routine to call him “LAZY”

    7. K

      Are you dumb

  5. Anonymous

    I understand oda needs breaks but if there is a WSJ break cant he just do 1 less Oda’s break 18 Weeks in total of no manga is a bit to much , specialy if you think he said its finished in 5 years so maximum of 170 chapters at this rate. Unless they finish off Kaido in like 20 chapters then deal whit big mum , then about 150 chapters to wrap up the entire story seems like thats not enough , unless he pulls a GoT and just f**ks the end just to wrap up the story

    1. Anonymous

      this the third time he said it would end in 5 years calm down

      1. Anonymous

        he said it would end in 5 years last year, then 4-5 this year. that’s it

  6. Anonymous

    why doesn’t the site just fill in the remaining dates, even if they’re subject to potential change?

  7. Garp chujo

    To all the people saying he’s lazy just kýš.

    1. Anonymous


    2. Anonymous


  8. Anonymous

    It’s actually good for you to take a rest… Look his a god in a human body… One piece is dope as f**k… Keep on producing more episodes we are ready to support you till the very end… Eiichiro Oda WE LOVE YOU!!

  9. Marco the Phoenix

    Y’all can’t find another mangaka as hardworking as Oda. He’s literally set for life but still gives us the best manga every week. What’s wrong with having a break once in a while? He’s been doing this for more than two decades and we have never seen a decline in quality. Just appreciate and support his work. That’s all.

  10. Anonymous

    I am like many other disappointed fans whenever a break happens, but at the same time, I can definitely understand the amount of work it takes to write an epic such as this. It is so amazing that he’s able to write a story at this level so consistently, so I also believe that he’s entitled to his breaks whenever he needs them. The fact that even during the peak of COVID he was able to complete chapters every 2 weeks is an achievement in and of itself. I can only thank Oda for creating a story and world so alive and real that keeps me on the edge of my seat and at the same time, I pray he stays healthy.

  11. Anonymous

    Next year schedule will be like two chapters then break ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  12. Anonymous

    People are entitled to their opinion, you dont need to be hyper about it if they are showing frustrations about frequent breaks.

  13. Anonymous

    how can i understand the schedule i didn’t got it can any one help me to know the schedule

  14. Anonymous

    “Laziest Mangaka..”

    Try to do his work, I bet you last long as he did.
    Being a mangaka is not easy, they need breaks too!!!

  15. Anonymous

    The amount of entitlement in these comments are scary, I bet ya’ll haters don’t even do anything to contribute to the franchise at all. I’m willing to bet a kidney and a half that you haters have never bought a single volume of One Piece manga in your life nor have you done anything to help Oda continue this manga series. The world doesn’t revolve around you smh.

  16. Anonymous

    I haven’t read or watched on piece but, these comments are pretty stupid imo.

  17. Anonymous

    Literally the laziest mangaka around. Just end it if your health is that bad. Otherwise it’s an excuse. He’s complacent because he has the most popular manga in the world.

    1. Anonymous

      the sheer sense of entitlement here, holy shit. oda doesn’t owe you shit. and he’s not taking these breaks because he wants to, wsj makes him take the breaks for his own health so we don’t get another togashi situation.

    2. Anonymous

      Imagine saying that to someone who has been drawing and writing a manga for over 20 years.

    3. Anonymous

      i cannot fathom calling someone who has been consistently pumping out chapters for 23 years with the longest break being a singular month long one “lazy” in any way

    4. Anonymous

      “Literally the laziest mangaka around….” I think this is a joke right? this god needs some rest, you cant say that he is lazy I mean come on men, if he is lazy then what do you call Yoshihiro Togashi or Kentaro Miura ?

    5. Anonymous

    6. Anonymous

      Wow dude a lot of y’all are f*****g retards. How about you never read/watch one piece again. Toxic fake a*s fans. It’d probably better if he stopped making chapters so you can cry all night

      1. Better, Cooler, Sexier Anonymous

        “wah, wah, draw man no draw picture. It better if he NEVER draw picture, wah, wah” You are a f*****g ingrown toenail in the foot of society. You remain weak, as your bloodline is weak. You will d*e from C***D before the winter is done, mark my words.

    7. Anonymous

      This man has a wife and two children, and he only sees them once a week due to his work. Let the man see his family.

    8. Anonymous

      thats why hes ending it in 5 years you dumbf**k

      1. Anonymous


  18. Anonymous

    Only few mangaka have been this dedicated to their craft, thinking about the story, drawing it almost everyday, reaching almost 1000 chapters, and only takes a few days to a few weeks off.
    While others ends their manga in a rush.
    Give the man a break, it’s better for him to do so than fall ill and straight to Skypiea and leave us hanging or pass it on to someone else, which might ruin One Piece.

  19. suuuper

    are the ones with dates written on its side confirmed already? so if the dates are there, the schedule is fixed?

    1. Clay Stage

      The “Official WSJ Release Date” column has dates officially confirmed. It means that the magazine is published that week. One Piece being published or not in those weeks is speculative.

  20. Ronald

    Y’all know Oda doesn’t owe anyone of you anything right? Even if he were to stop One Piece altogether, doesn’t mean he owes you an apology. He’s put his lifework in it, has been the most devoted manga artist to one series of all time… And you’re bashing him because he takes brakes? He can take those brakes because of all the hard work and sleep deprivation he has gone through for years. One Piece is not about you, and if you’re so bitchy about having to wait a week more, get a life.

    1. Catharsis

      Disagree with that. Akira Toriyoma’s schedule and depends was 10x as much Oda’s is. Then 37 years after the release of Dragon Ball the man picks back up where he left off crushing the box offices with his movie and is yet still working.

      1. Lumacity

        I don’t think you can compare work time between mangakas. What we’re saying is Oda works way too much to give us One Piece. If Toryama works more, that’s on him and his fans but even though Oda may work less (And I don’t think he does), doesn’t he’s already beyond proper, normal limits and working hours. Stop comparing and just enjoy One Piece.

      2. Vincent

        You cannot compare oda to another person they’re different people he put his life effort into writing One Piece. We are really lucky for Oda still to be writing after 21 years. All the Manga writers that have written for more than 10 years you should really respect. It doesn’t matter how many breaks he takes, he deserves the breaks. Just wait for another week it’s that simple.

      3. Anonymous

        do you know why toriyama stopped on dragon ball?
        bcos he was tired and couldn’t continue anymore, thats why. besides he doesn’t even draw the super manga anymore. You guys will never understand how hard it is to draw manga

      4. Anonymous

        True , Toriyama’s schedule was very hellish at the time but he’s a different person and imo he’s been half-assing most of the content after the Frieza-saga . Comparing the art style of the Buu saga to the art style from the saiyan saga is proof enough . He got so tired that he didn’t care anymore . Oda , on the other hand if anything has improved his art and has been consistent throughout the manga up to now and unless you want him to pull a Togashi and keel over or straight up starts spewing out random bullshit , he needs his rest . The manga’s great , and considering what’s happening in the world right now , this pace is acceptable .

  21. Lumacity

    To all haters who say he doesn’t release enough chapters, he said he devoted 75% of his work time just thinking up the story. He spends 10 hours per day working and I don’t know if you saw the quality of the drawings but even with 2 helpers, that means he spends a minimum of 12h30 per week (excluding week ends) drawing and 37h30 just siting at his desk racking his brains to make One Piece the best story ever. If you think working 50 hours a week is easy with a HUGE amount of pressure from the millions of fans, then you obviously can’t think of anything more but your egocentric person. Have respect for Oda who deserves everything for his 20 years of work and devotion just to make us able to follow Luffy’s adventure.

    1. Anonymous

      hell yeah you are right

  22. Rom

    ppl saying he needs a break once in awhile but if you convert all his weeks off its 4 months (16 weeks in total if nothing changes) ….. idk what kind of job you can get 4 months off a year.
    If it was like once a month i understand just to rebuild his stamina and get his rest but this is just ……

    1. Robin

      It´s not like he takes a week off, he just doesn´t publish that week, so he can work at slower pace and we get more quality chapters…Also, have you seen a work schedule of a mangaka? Normal people work 40 hours a week…Mangakas don´t work 40 hours a week, sleep included, so shut up.

    2. Anonymous

      I dont think you understand his actual schedule. The breaks isnt him just not working he just needs more time. If you watched the interview where they talk about his schedule you’ll see how devoted he is. They said on a regular work week he wakes up at 5 am and goes to bed at 2 am

  23. Mugiwara no Bart

    Why should we? The guy makes dosens of bills on the Manga, hence should treat his readers with due respect. Sick/ill or not, writing Mangas is not a devastating task (I believe it is comparable to a casual office-type employment). New chapters have not been released for two weeks recently, and afterthat time he realases one chap, yet takes another one week break afterwards? That gives us one chapter in four weeks period (I might say that one chapter in a month then). Shingeki no Kyojin is released on a monthly basis, nevertheless they release over 40 pages at once!
    Let’s make things clear: Oda does not respect One Piece’s fans. Thats the truth. In such case he should end the whole series on the Wano chapter, and take a life-long rest.

    1. Malkarossa

      Please. Keep an eye on your one piece addiction and get a heart. That guy is a human, there’s a covid 19 pandemy at this time, and he dedicated 20 f*****g years for this masterpiece, with blood, sweat and tears. He deserve to choose his own schedule, you’ve got nothing to say.

    2. Anonymous


    3. Tan

      Oda deserves the break more than anybody, he already I’ll and he have work his ass off without sleeping for us the reader and for the last few week oda didn’t take a break he was working on the magazine

    4. Nevofed

      You are the kind of fan I despise the most. Enjoy what you have you f*****g pig, Oda is a human being and he has been nothing short of amazing for the last 20 years, he deserves to have a lot of breaks, but we do not deserve him, espicially you

    5. ReideenEagle

      You sir are correct, at most he could draw 2 pages a day and get back to whatever it is that he’s doing, cancel all interviews and unnecessary stuff, hire more employees if necessary, and he’d still financially stable.
      Why have personal breaks if he can rest with the magazine anyways?

      1. Anonymous

        I would like to see you create a manga and go on for more than 20 years and not take breaks, come on and if u cant don’t talk smack just be glad ODA the legend himself made One Piece a$$hole

    6. Anonymous

      who do u think u are brat? u are just a lowly garbage who doesnt deserve the manga? i bet you read it FOR FREE. did u even buy the real manga? nasty and disgusting. u should ve just ***

      1. Shut up

        I read it for free too. What the f*** can I do man? It is not my fault I am poor. And in my country there isnt even manga.

      2. Its gonna take an extra 3 or 4 years on top of the 5 years if he wants to finish one piece, or if he just rushes and screws over the story if he goes at this turtle pacing, it is unacceptable to take a break every other week, only 2 chapters a month will get us nowhere. He needs to just work at the pace of a regular manga artist and be able to finish the series in 4 more years and have a 3 or 4 year retirement earlier than if he worked at the pace of a turtle, this pace is just going to end up dragging out one piece until his grave and he will die In the middle of writing it cuz he was to slow and never got a retirement. In the world of Japan he is looked as a slacker from all other office or business workers who work there ass off.

    7. I'll beat your a*s

      yo bro you probably have a small d**k huh? f*****g piece of s**t i’d beat the s**t outta you if we met in real life p***y a*s b***h. you got no friends huh? loner a*s h*e. get a life instead of hating on the goat b***h.

      1. anon Comment

        The amount of censorship in this post tho… 🤣

    8. irchmarlov

      “casual office-time employment” You better wipe your a*s out of here for saying retarded statements. You think you can do better than the One Piece manga? I’d like to see you try, retard.

    9. Anonymous

      Stfu there’s a pandemic going on right now most years hr doesn’t take 4 months off, he’s just being safe which he deserves more than anyone. Oda respects his fans more than any other mangaka with the effort he’s put in for 20+ years creating the perfect story. Just read the SBS’s to see how much he cares.

    10. Anonymous

      He doesn’t make bills. He get’s money from japan only practically, everyone else just pirates it. and yeah, AOT releases monthly with the 40 pages, but guess what, that also means a month to think up the story and draw. You need to realize that he has breaks, but then the paper also has breaks. And even then, it’s not like he’s doing nothing. He still works on breaks. He just has more time to think, not only about that chapter, but to plan for the future. You don’t have moments where you foreshadow something that happens a decade later without thinking a lot. He cares about one piece. You need to shut up, you entitled brat.

    11. Anonymous

      Also, he has a wife and 2 children, the oldest being 14. According to google, he lives separate from them, and only sees them roughly once per week. This man is so dedicated to his work, he doesn’t see his fucking family. So you can shove it. This man deserves every break he can get so he can see his family.

    12. Anonymous

      you are staggeringly retarded

  24. anonymous

    he deserves to rest, but on the other hand we deserve to know how the situation evolves

  25. Yonkou

    I Hope you more active in this website and thanks for your sharring

  26. monster

    Hopefully, Oda will get Hana Hana no Mi as soon as possible ^_^

  27. Dude1

    as Long as i am guaranteed that he finishes the series i wouldn’t even mind if he took off every second week…. take some rest oda, you deserve it

    1. Anonymous

      Nigga stfu – every second week? you can catch these every second hands

      1. Jace

        the fuck?

      2. irchmarlov

        You shut the f**k up, useless fan.

      3. Joe

        Bruh this guys work pace

  28. she erik

    ahhhh I need more one piece

  29. Anonymous

    Schedule is worse then last year

    1. Anonymous

      Just let the man take some rest.

    2. Anonymous

      It’s almost like there’s a pandemic or something interfering with people’s lives and work schedules

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